10 Ridiculously Honest Slogans

10 People Who Were Mistakenly Believed to Be Dead

  sources: listverse.com

10 post that will restore your Faith in Humanity


10 Historical Photos with Color. Incredibly Real


10 of the Worst Plastic Surgery Disaster’s

                              Source : frownedupon.us, oddee.com

10 of the Worst Tattoos Ever

                                                                               … Continue Reading →

10 People who came back from the dead

Lyudmila Stebitskaya’s daughter, Natsya, went to visit her mother in the hospital and was told that she had died earlier that day. The Morgue was closed then, and since the morgue is closed on the weekends on Russia, she could… Continue Reading →

Top 10 youngest Killers

Eric Smith was bullied for many things, thick glasses, freckles, having red hair and having elongated ears. Eric Smith had been diagnosed by a defense psychiatrist with intermittent explosive disorder, a mental disorder causing individuals to act out violently and… Continue Reading →

Scare Pranks – Top Ten

Top 10 Best Movie Remakes

In anticipation of the 2012’s re-imagining of the classic 80’s film “Red Dawn”, http://www.WatchMojo.com counts down the Top 10 Best Movie Remakes of all time.

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